Love Slush E-Liquids

Love Slush E-Liquids

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Love Slush E-Liquids Range

Our Unique Love Slush Flavours

If you don’t already love it then you soon will…

Love Slush Apple E-Liquid


A classic slushy with an apple flavoured syrup infused providing you with a fantastic, sweet & fruity apple vape.

Love Slush Lemon and Lime E-Liquid

Lemon & Lime

Slightly sweetened without taking away from the tang that you’d expect from both flavours. The ultimate Lemon & Lime.

Love Slush Blackcurrant E-Liquid


Exactly what it says on the bottle. A blackcurrant infused slushy to create a delicious, fruity vape.

Love Slush Tropical E-Liquid


A slushy base that has been infused with a medley of tropical fruits. An excellent blend that will keep you guessing!

Love Slush Strawberry E-Liquid


A fantastic slushy blend that will keep you coming back for more, especially if you’re a fan of sweet Strawberry flavours.

Love Slush Orange E-Liquid


A slushy base that has an element of cooling infused with a sweet and tangy orange syrup, creating a refreshing Slushy e liquid.

Love Slush Mango E-Liquid


A slushy base that has been infused with a medley of tropical fruits. An excellent blend that will keep you guessing!


Love Slush Lemon E-Liquid


Cool down with Lemon Slush on ice to create the perfect iced fruity flavour with a kick of lemon zing.


A classic slushy base infused with delicious, sweet and ripe grapes for a refreshing Grape Slushy. Love Slush have done it again!

Amazing Flavours


Choose from 11 Unique and Amazing Love Slush Flavours all with a simple yet very effective flavour profile that will keep your customers coming back for more.


A slushy base infused with a delicious cherry syrup for a fantastic blend. It’s just like you’re drinking the real thing!

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